akatedThe infrastructure of our cities is as important as the superstructure of our cities, despite the fact that infrastructure remains invisible in our daily lives. Supplying the infrastructures of water / waste water, electricity, telecommunication, natural gas, etc. to the people with a minimum cost and maximum service life is a very crucial profession.

Acquring the highest standards in the construction of infrastructures shall be evaluated as the primary goal. Therefore, traceability and controllability of the quality of workmanship and used materials in construction starting from planning and project designing phases have great importance.

Our society aims to increase the recognizability and application of trenchless technologies in country-wide of which these technologies are being commonly applied in US, Germany, UK , France, Japan, and many developed countries. Our society take firm steps forward (tarde sed tute) to its target with the support of many academician, executives, engineers and consultants in both country-wide and worldwide. Therefore, we wish you to be witness and participator for national and international meetings organized by our society, scientific researchs planned in universities and coming advancements of visions in Turkish public/private sectors.